Bad Boy Bemis..

Robert goes up and over on a tall front blunt. “How come I never get any photos on the website?”
TSpence strikes again.

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10 Responses to “Bad Boy Bemis..”

  1. Gabe says:

    Damn…that thing is Large too

  2. BACA says:

    thats what im talking about, holdin it down

  3. MCCLOUD says:

    Tommy where’s the begining of the rail? sick front blunt though!!!!!!

  4. Z says:


  5. Old Skater Friend says:

    What school is this?

  6. BACA says:

    put up new photo’s

  7. DEPT. says:

    Evidently Baca’s not backing this photo..

  8. Antwuan Dixon says:

    Was wonderin were that rail is g? Whats the name of the school again? Isn’t it by Creston?

  9. brando:) says:

    thats at holaday

  10. stukes says: