Hey, Ben finally learned blunts..

After years of practice, Ben finally made a blunt. This may be the first of many more to come. Maybe someday someone will bet him $5 that he couldn’t do 100 in a row. B-L-U-N-A with a B-L-U-N-T.

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5 Responses to “Hey, Ben finally learned blunts..”

  1. Will Houlihan says:

    Video of skating the illusion spot with Pharmacy Crew… aka Phriday with Pharmacy… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wwyV-Yc5Ks&feature=channel_page

  2. BACA says:

    sick. Ben IS BLUNT MASTER

  3. Will Houlihan says:

    Sick Ben! Heres a link to a video that ben filmed… it’s called Phriday with Pharmacy.

  4. aaron says:

    your gonna need a king size cause thats a fat blunt

  5. jordan says:

    hope you like that spot, it took us about 20 bags of cement