Limited Edition Thomas Campbell Art Deck..

Thomas Campbell Signed Skateboard Deck-Edition of 50
Hand Crafted.

Thomas Campbell signed skateboard deck in edition of 50, all boards are signed and numbered by the artist. Due to the fact that the tails on these boards are so intricate each one had to be cut by hand making all of the boards slightly different from one another. We’ve done all of this in an effort to help a friend of ours earn money to help pay for expenses related to health issues. A very special thank you to Thomas Campbell, Russ Pope and all of our friends at Black Box for all of their help with this project. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery, probably under 2 weeks but sometimes we get a little busy. -Thanks


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2 Responses to “Limited Edition Thomas Campbell Art Deck..”

  1. Will says:

    When is this shipping. Purcashed on April 30th via PayPal.

  2. Jeremy Dilk says:

    Is this board still available?