One drawback to being 6’3″..

..dwarfing spots. If you’ve seen this rail before you know it’s a tall boy. Ben just looks at it and says, “It’s only just above knee high, I got this.” Ben Luna bump to crookie.

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10 Responses to “One drawback to being 6’3″..”

  1. steven says:

    this dude is sickk!

  2. BACA says:

    Dope boy Fresh

  3. Cwoods says:

    last try!!!

  4. cory williams NOT WOODS! says:

    man beast….. that thing is gigantic!

  5. BACA says:

    hey C. Williams i don’t think the “not woods” is necessary. weirdo

  6. Will Houlihan says:

    So sick Ben! Killing it!

  7. PETER M says:

    HAHA baca

  8. al d. says:

    yeah dude, pretty sure you’d wanna be cory woods.

    but on a more mature note, ben luna you rip.

  9. BACA says:

  10. Peter says:

    haha alex LOL