“Extremely Sorry” premiere photos..

Yeah Kurt!! The video was amazing and Lance’s stuff ruled. Can you imagine witnessing 90% of Bob’s Mega madness first hand?

Papa Humphries was behind the scenes on a lot of the stuff in the video too. Grumphries, Mountain, and Little Arro.

Manson and C Dubs were front and center. Any guess on who had Matt’s favorite part?

Check the hero worship in the eyes. Peter wants to start Mega Ramping now and Gabe’s going to start wearing headbands and AC/DC shirts.

Dougy brought a date. Someone’s over-achieving.

Free premiere? Rail’s there.

Rey made it out.

Naturally TSpence liked Rodrigo the best.. baggiest pants.

Bracewell wished they would’ve fast forwarded the animated intros. TBrown thought the exact opposite.

Dave’s always right on the cutting edge of whatever’s going on in skateboarding. He couldn’t wait to see Arto’s and Alex Chalmer’s parts.

Hunter and Hayashi.

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8 Responses to ““Extremely Sorry” premiere photos..”

  1. Gabe Needham says:

    haha kenneth in the background of the 3rd picture

  2. T Spence says:

    Actuaaly Penny has the baggedt pants…and I like him too!!!

  3. STIX says:


  4. ReyHolliday says:

    thanks hayes. HA!

  5. Woody Melling says:

    hehe keneth…

  6. Erik keating says:

    the bums ruined yet made that night.

  7. Riley says:

    haha yeah those bums that started the fight were so funny

  8. haley says:

    oh man Kenneth there’s none of Matt and I i made him come that was a good night! haha