Lil’ More Mohr

There should be some sort of rule that former neighbors of empty swimming pools shouldn’t get threatened with arrest. B. Mohr used to live right down the street from this PDX pool that’s been catching a little heat lately. Rock N. Roller. Yeah Ben!!

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5 Responses to “Lil’ More Mohr”

  1. Shoe says:

    ooh we almost got popped 3 weeks ago!!! that pool is sick

  2. hp says:

    Morh Morh’s on Fire lately. FEEL THE HEAT BABY!!!

  3. cmoney says:

    Harsh Man

  4. Lil Crow says:

    Yeah…sure why not !!! No reason former neighbors should have access to property thats;
    1: No longer the property of the neighbor who used to live there
    2: Never was the property of the neighbor who wants to use the pool for what it wasn’t designed for or intended
    3: Trespassing is against the law
    4: You don’t have permission from the current owner to use the pool.

    Sure… why not ?

  5. Lou says:

    Where is this place???