Fatty to Flatty.

Baca hops the wall and takes the elevator down. There’s a pretty good chance that he was at Chipotle 2 hours prior or after this photo was taken. You can make that same prediction whatever the trick is he’s doing. He’s local. TSpence photo.

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11 Responses to “Fatty to Flatty.”

  1. Gabe Needham says:

    isnt that around pge park? i think i recognize those stairs

  2. aaron says:


  3. BACA says:

    Thanks for the fatty-to-Flatty comment

  4. phil says:

    that is awesome baca i always thought that would be awesome to skate over that rail wall thingy.

  5. Shoe says:


  6. TBrown says:

    Hey Brian, did you see the new Southpark where they talk about Chipoltaway?

  7. MCCLOUD says:

    Stink roach puttin it down…

  8. BACA says:

    yea thats by pge on 19th NW Everett. and of course ive seen the new southpark its so funny.

  9. Ben Bilotti says:

    most definatley ill

  10. Kelly B says:

    HELL YEAH Baca!

  11. walter fucking lopez says: