Peter’s been watching Trick Tips..

There’s a whole new generation of Tre Flippers out there and Peter McClelland is a part of that generation. The front foot has taken on an entirely new role and it’s easy to go the wrong direction if you don’t know your role. Does that make sense? 360 Flip at good old Park Blocks.

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18 Responses to “Peter’s been watching Trick Tips..”

  1. PETER M says:

    i like cats more then dogs.

  2. erik says:

    yeah peter

  3. Antwuan Dixon says:

    Does anyone know what school that is… The one where that guy is doing a blunt slide? Thanks. Good Job Peter, very stylishish

  4. Gabe Needham says:

    i havent even ollied that yet…

  5. Will Houlihan says:

    Sick Peter! Here’s the new Phriday with Pharmacy video…

  6. BACA says:

    hahahahaha. thats sick pete looks very focused.

  7. Terry Kennedy says:

    Yo Twan… that is a sick spot it is at Newberg High School. and good job Peter.

  8. erikeating says:

    hella tight.

  9. Bullshit says:

    Pharmacy hasn’t been legitamite since burnside, you blew it Kyle, your a jock and you contribute to the disembursment and decay of portland skateboarding you #%ck sucking pu*#y, your a pu#&y whipped washed up Ryan sheckler wannabe you bitch.

  10. Will Houlihan says:

    whoever “BS” is… you are talking about yourself

  11. You're an idiot! says:

    Are you just stupid? I am pretty sure Kyle has helped out the Portland skate scene a lot more than most people. If you were to ask Red, Sage, Brent, Karl Hubble, Dave Hupp, Josh Falk, Silas, Jon Humphries, Choppy, Andy Westhusing or anyone that’s from Portland they would say quite the opposite. You’re a moron for even saying that!

    And by the way what do you consider the decay of Portland skateboarding? I am pretty sure I can say it’s not Tyler Bledsoe or Matt Beach or Craig McKendry. You certainly CAN’T talk shit on the Pharmacy video. Let me guess you probably want more full pipes and cradles right? The idea of learning new tricks and not skating a shitty concrete is just foreign to you isn’t it? Go do another slash grind….

  12. mini stukes says:

    sick trick pete. people always gotta get their hater mail out there but if they really hated pharmacy so much maybe they shouldnt be checking the website…. think about that one “bullshit”

  13. j says:

    It blows my mind that someone can turn something positive like this kid tre flipping a massive set (that I am personally scared shitless of because of it’s downhill landing) to a battle of shit talking.

    Keep up the footage!

  14. Will Houlihan says:

    Battle GROUND:

  15. Tttt says:

    Ben Campbell Tre flipped this and he’s 14 but this Tre is sick

  16. Ha says:

    OMG! he tre flipped it, and hes only 14!!! sorry peter. looks like BEN CAMPBELL is better than you. hes probly sponsored.

  17. blakeh says:

    wheres that at

  18. 2pac says:

    looks like a young nick hyde!