Nike SB Team Signing and Pizza Extravaganza!!


Whatever plans you had for Thursday October 4th need to be changed and re-arranged. For those not in the know, Nike SB has been working on their first feature-length skateboard film for the better part of 2 years and the fruits of their labors are about to be harvested. “ NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH” begins it’s Global Premiere Tour next week and the 2nd stop is right here in Portland. In celebration of the film, the ENTIRE Nike SB team will be stopping by Cal’s Pharmacy/The Dept. of Skateboarding on Thursday around 4:00pm and hanging out until about 5:30. Paul Rodriguez, Stefan Janoski, Lance Mountain, Brian Anderson, Omar Salazar, Lewis Marnell, Wieger, Chet Childress, Little Grant… the list goes on and on. If you ever wanted autographs or to meet any of these guys in person than you need to make it down on Thursday. Also, they’re bringing as much pizza as they can carry with them and will have a FEW passes to give out for the ultra exclusive showing of NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH for that night. The premiere is not open to the public so you may have to do some work to get your hands on one of these passes. DO NOT MISS THIS!!! COME DIRECTLY FROM SCHOOL!!! DO NOT STOP AT HOME FIRST!! MAKE SURE YOUR FOREHEAD ISN’T SWEATY SO THAT THE SHARPIE STICKS BETTER!! SEE YOU ON THURSDAY!!

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